Admit That You Need Help Writing an eBook.
Or Will You Complete the Project
Without Help?

Procrastination is your greatest enemy!

How many times have you started to write and given up in the first paragraph?

I always believed my ideas for eBooks were really cool.  My problem was the fact that I didn’t know how to take my idea and actually write the eBook.  I wanted to believe that I could just sit down and have an eBook magically appear on the screen in front of me.

Do you know that never actually happened?
There was no magic in creating an eBook.

I had a client who had remarkable ideas, but she had the concentration of a squirrel. Seriously! She would send an email to me on Monday – and expect the completed eBook on Wednesday. Sure, uh, no problem. Just let me cut out sleep and eating and that should be possible. Under my breath, my only motivation was the hefty check she would send by Friday.

She knew I could do it. But I didn’t know that! How did she know? Because I had never let her down!

The pressure cooker of those high expectations caused me to do some scrambling to find methods that would not waste one hour. Sometimes, she was traveling and I couldn’t even ask her one question about her final idea. I learned later that she rarely had a final product in mind. She just had an idea. My role was to make it happen. FAST! Every time!

What would you do? Could you take a vague idea and create an eBook in two days?

Or maybe in 6 hours? One day, this same client had an idea.  I felt like Lucy Ricardo’s sidekick, Ethel Mertz.  I started to dread, “I’ve got an idea.”  Just like Ethel, I ended up in the soup every time! My client’s idea was great!  Her timeframe was impossible.  She had to have the eBook by the next morning.  Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Have you bumped your head?  You are nuts!  Fine, I will write the eBook, but that eBook cover is up to you, Lady!

Want to know what happened?

That was the day that 6-Hour eBook was born. I figured out how to cut out even more steps in my process. I saved the majority of my afternoon to write the text. And, then, I started at the very top of the process that you will learn inside 6-Hour eBook.

No one was available to make sure that I finished!

No one moved my obstacles.

No one offered encouragement for the sections that were difficult to write.

I was glad for an interesting topic.  That was why the research phase went so quickly.  I could find great information for the entire eBook.  I gathered my supporting information and paused to get some lunch.  I knew that the next phase would require some brainpower.  I had to write an entire eBook during the afternoon.  I was still unsure that I could do it.  I felt very fortunate that I could type like the wind!

That day was challenging at the time because I did not have one spare minute to stop and think about what was happening.  I was actually taking an idea all the way through to an eBook before sunset.

Looking back, I remember being too tired to think at all.

What if I would be your encourager
as you write an eBook in 6 hours?

Instead of setting aside your important project before you are finished, what if you had access to the expert?
What would that be worth to you?
Would you start your project and then allow me to work with you through that important middle section?

What would you do to overcome your Procrastination Blues?


  • Once you start your project, you will have access to me
  • You will have taken some steps toward finishing your eBook
  • We will discuss your work and talk about your goal
  • You can ask questions about your work
  • I will offer suggestions concerning the 6-Hour eBook
  • You will no longer feel alone in the process

6-Hour eBook Jumpstart! - is designed with you in mind!

  • I will share some of my experiences when I just wanted to give up
  • We will interact according to your current situation
  • You can ask about writing your eBook while you are in the process
  • Working together adds a sense of accountability to finish

Why should you ask me about anything?

  • I have been where you are today
  • I used to be uncertain about my writing skills
  • I lacked the confidence to write eBooks
  • I have earned good money writing eBooks
  • I know what it’s like to have short deadlines
  • I devised the very process you are following

What would that type of assistance be worth to you?

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I will let you in on a little secret!

My absolute favorite thing to do, right after writing, is to teach other people what I know!  My methods were developed out of self preservation.  I just do not have time to waste each day.  I have to be productive so that the rest of life has a chance.  I have other priorities besides sitting at a computer.  I want to work with others to share what I have learned.

Maybe you would rather have some help one time than to struggle with multiple projects that die before you complete each one.   Are you ready to break out of your pattern and apply what you learn in 6-Hour eBook?

Mialei, count me in!  I cannot afford to set my writing project aside!

  • Yes, I want to complete my eBook according to 6-Hour eBook!
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  • Yes, I have a tendency to walk away before I am finished!
  • Yes, I do understand the importance of breaking the procrastination habit!
  • Yes, I believe that this service will answer my questions!
  • Yes, I know that my responsibility is to get started, today!
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6-Hour eBook Jumpstart

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