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My name is Mialei Iske.  I have been a freelance writer for five years. In my first couple of months as a writer, I would slave over a simple article and send it off to the client for rave reviews.  The reject notice would come back so fast that I would think the email system was rejecting my note.

I got tired of comments like, “what is this?”

I always wanted to respond, “It’s my masterpiece.”

Every client has the exact idea of what was ordered in mind. Writers are required to guess right every time! I had to learn to read minds -- and fast!

I found it fascinating that an order from a client never provided a clue about that exact idea. The stress of guessing was making it even harder to think about my writing.

Why could I not figure out something
as simple as writing articles?

Most days, I felt as though anything more than 400 words was a day’s work.  Long articles made me cringe because I had to repeat myself to make up enough words.  Clients hate that!

Comments included, “shallow!” “worthless!”  “waste of my money!”

I noticed that the negative comments were never accompanied by any guidance for making my writing better. Writing for each industry required more guessing. Each new client had more demands that were unspoken.

My stress level was unbearable whenever I found an order from a client that had never seen my writing style or ability. I needed answers to my questions not more criticism.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Have you ever had someone tell you,
“you can’t write your way out of wet paper bag!”?


I have stared at the blank screen without a clue about the words that were supposed to be flowing freely from my keyboard. Not only did I struggle to find the first word, my ability to write a good sentence was melting away. Unhappy clients are not inspiring.

Many of those clients had no time to offer useful feedback for my writing. I discovered that few people wanted to help me learn anything. Each one expected to find writers who could crank out high-quality text in record time.

What was wrong with me?

People who lacked my education and experience were making a good living writing nonsense.



"Writing Nonsense!"

I finally heard my own thought
for the very first time.

That was the problem.

I am trying to make this too hard.
My friends know that making things hard
is my gift!


There were days that I spent more time looking for another way to make money than actually putting words on a page.

I hated sitting at the computer struggling against my own fears of being rejected – AGAIN!

I had to figure out how to stop putting off the obvious solution.  I was going to have to follow the herd.  They weren’t staring at a blank screen.  I was going to have to invent my own ways to dazzle readers without asking their permission.

How was I going to do that?

Where was I going to find examples?"

Who would answer my questions?

Even my friends are amazed at the progress that I made in those first few months.  More than one said that they would have walked away in frustration.  My clients sure sat up and took notice. I had no choice!

If I was going to earn any money, in this economy, I had to stick with the struggle and move my own walls.

My writing was easier because I trusted my instincts and read everything I could find on many different subjects. I did learn that the best writers are also avid readers. The subject of my reading was less important than spending time in books, blogs and interesting websites.

So, what happened?

I figured out how to find examples that would support my writing ideas. I created methods that let me write any length of article, or eBook, without struggling against writer’s block. I was on my way! One of the most mind-boggling discoveries was the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, on the Internet is original. Some people are just better at copying than others.

Imagine making up your own rules and writing about the popular topics that people read about every day.

  • No more wasting your time writing nonsense
  • Cut through the worthless drivel and find useful material to use
  • Gather more information in half the time
  • Discover my secret to “getting in the zone”
  • Place your ideas in the order that speeds your project to completion!
  • Write more and edit less!

Do you believe the most important part of writing is putting words on the page?

Would you believe me if I told you that feeding your mind is even better?

You will discover how to apply my methods to:

  • Avoid writer’s block
  • Focus your thoughts on your topic
  • Write faster without revisions
  • Get in the zone
  • Have thoughts that flow freely
  • Save time; write the eBook text one time and edit less
  • Save thousands of dollars on writing services that never meet your need

Write an eBook in one day when you follow my proven process!

Now, before you scoff, let me ask you a question. Do you know what caused you to give up on your last writing project?

I would bet that you do not even know what makes you so frustrated that you never want to write another full sentence. You might even be wondering how you ended up still reading this page.

I know why you give up writing before you complete your projects!

Discover the easiest way to go from idea to eBook without frustration.

Never again stare at a blank screen or finally, walk away in defeat!

I will show you how to invert the standard approach to writing so that you never encounter writers’ block again!!

Allow me to introduce the definitive approach
to writing an eBook:

6-Hour eBook

6-Hour eBook reveals the approach I use to create eBooks on countless topics for my clients each year.  You will discover the importance of filling your mind about your topic.  Writing words on a page is not the same as generating meaningful prose that engages your reader.

Every step outlined in 6-Hour eBook has been tested in my writing business over the years.  I rearranged each step until I discovered the fastest way to produce a publishable eBook in a few hours.


Included in 6-Hour eBook

Worksheet & Checklists & Templates

A worksheet and checklists to guide your effort have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your writing project. Your project will not die before you finish when you take the time to print these guides and complete each one!

Templates that provide a framework for your eBook writing process.  Instead of creating your own documents from scratch, you will have a time-saving starting point.

These helpful guides ensure that you step through the eBook writing process in the proven order of steps.  You will print these sheets before you begin.


PDF eBook

Within the pages of 6-Hour eBook, you will find answers to your questions. I offer insight to the writing process that no one else is willing to provide. Years of guessing at the answers inspired me to create my processes and share them with others for the very first time. This 24-page eBook is in PDF format for easy reading.

In this analogy, the eBook writing process parallels the construction of a house.  You will learn to repeat the process because each step ties to the major phases of building a house.



The mindmap reveals the overview of the eBook writing process. For many visual readers, the mindmap acts as a roadmap through the entire writing process. Your willingness to use the mindmap will save you time when you are tempted to skip steps within the process of writing your eBook in 6 hours.

Refer to the mindmap throughout your eBook project to ensure that you complete each step before moving on to the next phase.


Audio Guide

The author reads the entire eBook for convenient listening online or on your portable listening device. Listeners will be able to follow along in the eBook if both versions would make understanding easier. Some people learn more quickly by listening to the spoken word.

Additional insights are added to each chapter to enhance your learning experience.  Listen as the author encourages you to follow the process.


Improve your writing when you follow the steps inside 6-Hour eBook.

You will never be stuck in the midst of an important project again.  Move through every project with ease when you take steps in the order that supports your writing exercise.

5-Star Reviews

John Thornhill

Congrats on a job well done!

Your 6 hour ebook is not only a very well written guide,
but the inclusion of checklists and mindmap makes it a
very useful resource, for anyone wanting to produce their
own work.

If people follow your ebook from start to finish, I'm sure we'll
soon be seeing a 'raising of the bar' when it comes to the
standards and quality of ebooks people produce.

I will be happy to recommend 6hour ebook to anyone who is
looking for a simple way to plan and write a High Quality
report or ebook on any subject.

John Thornhill


Randy & Simon

I've just read through your 6 hour ebook.

I have to say it's one of the most professionally written ebooks
on the subject that I've come across in over 14 years online!
Congratulations on covering the topic with such a common sense analogy.

I'm sure anyone who wants to write professional, in order to actually sell their work and earn an income from doing so, will devour your content and continue to use the checklist over and over as their careers progress.

Warm Regards
Randy & Si


Sharon - {retired school teacher}

The 6-hour ebook is a great book for any author to use. I found that the steps were not only easy to follow, but also straight to the point. This book gave me ideas that I would never have thought of. An example of this is how to eliminate distractions and the importance of doing so. The worksheets that are included are invaluable. I would recommend that anyone wanting to write an eBook use this 6-Hour eBook as a reference.


Dawn - Photographer

6-hour ebook is a practical but fun approach to what has always seemed a daunting task. I really appreciate the way the course is organized because it breaks writing an ebook down into manageable tasks that make me feel empowered. So many of my projects wind up sitting unfinished. Now I can finally see a clear path from 'idea' to 'final product'!


You will also learn:

  • To prepare for your effort to write your eBook in 6 hours.
  • To conduct research at the right point in the eBook project.
  • To focus your thoughts and avoid interruptions.
  • To incorporate your professional and life experience into your writing.
  • To increase your concentration level and track the thoughts that would distract you.
  • To include important visual attributes to improve your reader’s experience with your eBook.
  • And much more!

Let me share a secret with you!

Writing a great eBook is not as difficult as you might think.  You might have struggled to write an entire eBook in the past.  Maybe you gave up before you even started.


You can start with 6-Hour eBook and discover the best approach for your personal style.  Improve your writing through some surprising approaches that reduce the difficulty many writers face.

Many novice writers make the mistake of writing the eBook first and then attempt to edit the text later.  Readers of 6-Hour eBook will learn the easier way to write an entire eBook in 6 hours.

Inside 6-Hour eBook you will follow the steps I use every time I write an entire eBook in just one day.  I will reveal every step you will want to take to organize the supporting material about your topic.

Nothing will be withheld as I share the steps I take to organize material quickly and write the text of an eBook.  You will learn the importance of eliminating all distractions to ensure an excellent result in your eBook project.


I am tired of struggling, Mialei.  Where do I begin?


When you are determined to learn to write an eBook in 6 hours, you will find that many doors open for you.  Following the process will enable you to fill your mind with helpful information.  You will learn the importance of concentrating throughout each phase.

Anyone who has stumbled through a writing project will find 6-Hour eBook to be understandable and helpful.  Your next writing project will be easier for you to complete when you discover the best series of steps to complete the process.


The past is not your fault!

If your product creation effort has stalled, the fault is not your own.  You might not know the best way to research a topic and write your thoughts.

The time has come to forget your previous struggles and learn my proven method for writing a readable eBook that can be used in countless ways.

Bonuses Included With 6-Hour eBook

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6-Hour eBook

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